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About Us

Birth of soaps and then to Yak Girl Skincare products

In 2010, when my second child was born, my joy was soon overshadowed by concern when
he developed a skin rash which covered his entire face and arms. My search and eventual
success in finding a home remedy for his ailment led me to a faith in the healing powers of 

natural products. Since then we had been using only natural skincare products. We use only Eco-
Friendly products in our daily lives. We even started Eco-freindly cleaning service in that very year (2010). 

During the lull in our cleaning business, I took to making soap. A good friend had booked me for a soap-making course, that then led to the next step in my journey. I developed a fascination with the different oils and their benefits and soon I was spending a lot of my time making soap and experimenting with incorporating herbs from my backyard  garden and lemons, oranges, avocados, aloe vera, turmeric, etc. I found the process very calming
and in addition, I was able to present them to our cleaning clients to thank them for their business and to
friends. To my delight, many of the people who used my soaps expressed how much they loved my soap and asked if I would accept orders for more, thus the soaps started making its way to the market.

Gradually my interest expanded to skincare formulation. I took different courses from School Of Natural Skincare (International).  According to many sources, extrinsic aging accounts for over 70% of visible signs of aging.  With age, my skin started getting wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.  So I was adamant to make my own skincare. In 2022, I made my first oil serum for wrinkle control. As my knowledge in Skincare progressed, I started making more and more skincare products for self use. Then I started gifting my products to few of my friends for try out. With their feedback and encouragement, I began selling my skincare products to my friends and family and also in my community.

Now I feel very confident to come out and launch my Skincare products to the main stream market. The joy I found in soap-making and the fascination of formulating skincare products all combined in my decision to embark on my new
venture — Yak Girl Skincare!

I am hoping the world beyond my friends and family will also discover and love my products. To do
that I quote - " Give me a trial, judge me by the result"  - Thank you!

Our Team

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